“Art is news, that stays news.”
Michael McKenzie


A 21st Century Masterpiece

Although years in the works, HOPE was brought to a passionate finish by Indiana in support of Barack Obama, who we hope will be our next President. Indiana and American Image have donated all procedes from the print and the various HOPE products made for the campaign to Barack Obama’s run for Presidency and, while we generally stay in our little world of art, we find this election a critical one that will dramatically impact America’s future. We encourage you to take a stand, vote Obama.

“I am a painter, a maker of signs and a stacker”, Indiana explained in his  studio, “these three things are central to my work.”  It is fact that Indiana’s signmaking named The Love Generation and urban legend that John Lennon was inspired by Indiana’s work to write “All You Need Is Love”. With HOPE, Indiana takes on  the most difficult task any artist could face - following up what is perhaps the most recognizable artwork of the 20th Century with a masterpiece powerful enough to emblaze the 21st Century. “HOPE and LOVE”, the artist mused upon seeing both in his studio for the first time, “make quite the pair.”

Indiana has put it in steel and it is up to us to live up to being ‘The HOPE Generation’. Help us elect Barack Obama.

Indiana’s iconic LOVE
is probably the most recognizable
masterpiece of 20th Century Art.

Author/publisher Michael McKenzie with Bob Indiana.

Master Printer Gary Lichtenstein with Robert Indiana.

Robert Indiana signing edition of HOPE
prints to benefit Barack Obama.


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